A Little About Us

We’re a different kind of firm

We’re unique individuals who view the practice of law and client service through wide lenses.  We’re adept big-picture thinkers with sharp, long-range vision, the likes of which can be developed only through decades of experience and successes in the trenches.  We know what we’re doing, and we meaningfully invest the time, energy and effort to do things the right way in order to achieve the best possible client results.

We cut our collective teeth conquering the ranks of global law firms and enjoy all the strategic advantages of BigLaw training, experience and practice, and we’re able to deliver that level of sophisticated professional service to our clients in the form of our boutique firm, and we’re able to do so in much more strategic, flexible, efficient and cost-effective ways and means.  We’re a highly skilled, aggressive, savvy and creative cast of characters, and we place extraordinary emphasis on not only achieving excellent results and client satisfaction, but also professionalism and decorum.  We believe in our unique know-how and expertise and relish the opportunities to apply our rich skill sets to achieve the most advantageous client results.

We’re very selective in the clients we choose to represent; we endeavor to ensure we’re the best fit for each particular prospective client and case, and vice-versa.

We’re also a brazen band of crusaders who believe very strongly in community commitment, involvement, investment, forward thinking and leadership.  We vet and work closely with philanthropic organizations that we believe best provide direct, measurable advancement or positive impact on people and issues about which we care most.  We’re proud advocates, volunteers, and in-kind and financial supporters of organizations including Make-A-Wish of Northeastern California and Northern Nevada, Sacramento SPCA, San Francisco SPCA, Saint John’s Program for Real Change, Blue Heart International, San Francisco Legal Services for Children, MARSOC (Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command) Foundation, Wind Youth Services, Aging Up, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Sacramento Zoo and Boy Scouts of America.  We also provide pro bono legal services for select military veterans, elderly and indigent persons, entrepreneurs and artists.  Kevin Hughey appears monthly as special guest on the greater Sacramento area’s premier broadcast radio morning talk and entertainment program, Rob, Anybody & Dawn in the Morning, on KRXQ 98 Rock,  providing pro bono legal guidance and expertise as part of an unscripted, free-flowing question and answer segment.

Our Approach to the Art of Law

We are, first and foremost, counselors,

and we endeavor to navigate clients through issues and difficulties of all varieties.  We take pride in guiding and equipping clients with the knowledge and tools to either prevent disputes or resolve them early and informally short of costly litigation.

Of course in some cases formal legal action is either desirable or unavoidable, and in those instances we transform and thrive.  We are exceptionally skilled, bold and creative trial attorneys with almost 20 years experience of success at the highest levels.  Our litigation philosophy is simple: if a client is forced into formal litigation, from the inception of legal action we strategize long term and plan and prepare for trial, period.  We work hard to best position clients for trial readiness and success, and throughout the process we are diligent about not wasting time and incurring litigation costs with unnecessary or unproductive back and forth or delay.  In our experience, our aggressive, trial-oriented philosophy tends to produce the byproduct of early and favorable settlements.  Whether by verdict or settlement, we strive only for the best possible outcome for clients.

Through the varied experience and expertise of our attorneys and staff, we’re able to focus on several areas of substantive legal practice, including, but not limited to, the following:

Complex Commercial Litigation

Media Relations and Crisis Communication

Intellectual Property Litigation and Portfolio Counseling

Business General Counseling and Risk Management

Real Estate, Construction and Entitlements

Corporate Reorganization and Bankruptcy


Venture Planning and Start-Up

Regulatory Compliance and Oversight